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Ghostball is a fun whimsical Halloween adventure. Fight with haunted pumpkins and spooky spiders with no fear, but you can win them only using your ball. This ball you're playing with is special, but look carefully, it's not exactly what you think...

Ghostball is a grown-up version of our little #GMTKJam prototype Demonball.

The idea is to make an arena-based brawler with no direct contact. You can hurt your enemies only with a special ball that contains some mystical powers. 

This game was made in 31 days within the #devtober challenge and our main goal was to expand the atmosphere and add more different monsters to fight with. Also, we've added a new move "Ball Jump" for better mobility and fun : )

Check it out and leave us some feedback it's always appreciated!

,。・:*:・゚’☆:。・:*:・╰( ^﹏^ )╯╰( o˘◡˘o)╯:。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆

If you wanna see our baby steps in the development process, you can follow us on twitter roomofsnakes

Sound effects and music obtained from zapsplat


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Yes !  :D     Very smooth controls, great graphics and animations (really, love the spooky green lighting!) ! At first I found it super hard but after you learn to be careful, it's very doable. Thanks for this little gem ! a good mix between Super Pang and Lethal League

Where it says click the spacebar twice and make the jump, my spacebar only clicks once. I tried multiple times, don't know if I am doing something wrong. I would love to make a video of your game. Please get back to me.

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Hi, Vilarchim!

"Ball Jump" means that you can jump only from the ball, just like this

Hope it helps : )

Appreciate you getting back to me so quickly, thank you. Video coming soon

Fun =3
Although I wouldn't mind if you play around with the idea where you the ball would be faster the more you hit it, within a small period of time, *regardless if you hit it towards the same direction its moving at or not*.


We'll definitely try it : )